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  • Acupuncture

    The utilization of very thin needles applied at various point on the body to help bring balance to any imbalances in the person ill-affecting mind body or emotional states.  The session are private 1-1 client to practitioner.  initial sessions are 1 hour and half long.   Follow up sessions are 60 minutes long.   Additional modalities that may be utilized in session are heat therapy, cupping therapy, massage therapy, herbal therapy and essential oil therapy.   

  • Chinese Medical Massage- Tui Na

    A form of massage developed in China.  This massage utilizes techniques that help resolve conditions affecting the muscles, skeletal/joint structure, organ imbalances and emotional imbalances.   Touch is similar to deep tissue massage but also can be relaxing and gentle as swedish massage.    Principles of Chinese medical and acupuncture treatment strategy are still used but the aspect of touch and energy focus is utilized instead of needles.   
  • Acupuncture - Massage Blend

    A blend of acupuncture and massage.   Best of both worlds to rejuvenate and/or relax. 
    • Acu-Massage - 90 minutes $125
      50 minutes of Acupuncture and 40 minutes of massage.   The needles are removed when massage is given.  Generally the session is acupuncture first and massage follows.   
  • Energy Treatment Sessions

    These sessions utilize healing touch and energetic focus and application.    The choices  of energy treatment are Qi-Gong, Reiki, Kundalini/Chakra and Auric energy systems.  If you have not had an acupuncture session prior, please schedule an initial session as it will incorporate a dialogue between you and the practitioner to ascertain what it is (emotional, physical, mental or a combination) that you wish to work on.  Follow up session will have a brief check in and closing dialogue.  
    • Qi-Gong Energy Massage - 90 minutes $150
      Use of tui-na medical massage and energy projection and chanting to help the client resolve chronic or acute conditions affecting the mind/body/emotions.   Qi-Gong lineages are of Buddhist and Taoist in nature.  These sessions are generally cumulative and may incorporate diet and guided meditation additions at home. 
    • Reiki Energy Projection - 75 minutes $100
      This session incorporates the laying of hands on specific regions of the body using both the Usui reiki system and acupuncture meridian systems.   Very limited movement of limbs and body are involved (unlike Qi-Gong massage which will incorporate medical massage) the projection of reiki energy on body regions may be felt in other parts of the body.  


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